Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Look Ahead! That way you can see where you're going.

New things on the horizon at Reclaimed Goods.  I have just finished using the last of my Navy fabric to create yet another pillow in the same Birdie collection.  I am now out of my favorite fabric but I venture to say there is more where that came from.  I have recently acquired a truck that I am testing out for a few days before I commit to purchase it, but it's looking like it's going to be the perfect vehicle to allow me to gather wood, haul materials, and transport my products to art shows and crafting venues.  YAY ME!   So grateful that my dad was nice enough to let us drive his vehicular while we waited on the right thing to come our way, and I'm certain he will be more than happy to have it back.  Thanks Dad!  So....This Spring Shane and I are planning to take Reclaimed Goods on the road and visit various art festivals to sell and promote the things we make.  As it turns out, they can often be expensive, so we will start slow and see what happens.  If we are lucky enough here in Lawrenceburg to have Green Streets Market again, we will for sure be set up there and it runs I believe April through October (fingers crossed).  I will be blogging information regarding dates and times of Green Streets as well as the other festivals we will be set up at.  Let me remind you that although my Etsy contains all of my merchandise, I do take custom orders and prices vary.  Hope everyone has a great day..and please keep in mind when reading my blog that I am an artist, NOT an English professor.  My spelling and grammar will be sub par, my punctuation improper, and my sentences will run on....and on....and on.   Have a great day


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