Monday, January 23, 2012

Coffee, Sunshine, and Meatballs...What?

What could be any better right?  THANK YOU for this crisp beautiful sunshine we have today so far.  I haven't looked at the weather for the day because I fear that it won't last as long as I would like it to.  Last night I was concerned about the possibility of a power outage, not because I can't rough it, but because my sewing machine doesn't work without it LOL.  I was able to accomplish most of the things we set out to do this weekend.  I finished the pillow for Heather (the winner of my first giveaway), made one of the two ring bearer pillows that I received orders for, and just for the fun of it I made an owl pillow that is super cute.  Now for today there are a few things that are "must do's".  My new friend Bridget who might I add is the mother of Cole..who is the boyfriend of Addison....who is the daughter of ME! (did you get all that?) oh well..either way, she has ordered a cute wood sign that I'm certain she will love when it's completed.  I may just have to be on saw duty for the day while my counterpart is away at his 9-5, or 7:30-3:30, you get the point.  One of my favorite parts of the day will be a visit to Sherwin Williams to try and haggle over paint prices and leave there with a sense of accomplishment.  I will then take my dog to the vet..who has more allergies than any toddler or child I have ever seen.  Her hair falls out in the Spring which is apparently in January this year, and she is obviously more allergic to the Advantix then she is the fleas that it prevents.  To top my afternoon off I will make homemade meatballs for my spaghetti in hopes that when the hubs gets home, he will dive into his wonderful plate of spaghetti, forgetting all about the tools I have misplaced, lost, or damaged while taking on his role at Reclaimed Goods for the day.  Wish me luck Reclaimed Goods lovers..It could be a rock and roll kind of day, but the sun is out and I can't control myself.

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