Monday, May 7, 2012

Monster Of A Weekend

I was hoping to do several fun things this weekend, but it looks like good fortune eluded me.  After a rough ankle injury for Addison on Saturday, I was stuck in the ER awaiting xray results for a good portion of the day, so I unfortunately had to cancel dinner plans with my bff Mary and her daughter Anna Kate.  Sunday Addison was unable to walk and it forced me to cancel a much anticipated lunch date with fellow bloggers.  I'm now wondering what all I missed and hoping that my pal Gina (aka guru blogger) can fill me in.  Even thought things didn't go as I had planned,  I was however able to break out the sewing machine and make some super cute Monster Tooth Pillows.  I have posted these in my Etsy store and they are so much fun to make.  I really like the fact that the Monster's mouth pocket is really deep and that the pillow is a full sized throw pillow.  Children can sleep with these guys all the time and then when luck comes calling, they can put a tooth inside and wake up with goodies in his mouth.  My Addison never wanted to pull her own teeth but I'm certain if I had made her a pillow like this, she would have been on board.  Later in the week I plan to post a my first tutorial and it will be on this particular design.  Prepare for my quirky non traditional way of doing things.  Stay tuned!