Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tennessee To Tanzania.

     For those of you who friend me on Facebook I'm certain you have already read about one of my most recent orders, but I wanted to share again with those who are not on Facebook or anyone who may have missed my feed.  Before I go on and on about this particular order, I want this post to not only be about order itself,  but I also want everyone to see how life sometimes leaves us jaded and unfaithful of the kindness of others.  We tend as we get older, to go day to day and sometimes expect the worst and hope for the best instead of simply expecting that we will get what we give.  Last week I received an order from my Etsy store for one of the Latitude/Longitude signs that I do quite often.  Most people get them to hang on their front porch, some people get one with the coordinates of their favorite vacation spot or their honeymoon destination.  This time was just a bit different.  The young lady that placed the order lived in Texas and was about to travel to Africa, Tanzania to be exact, and wanted me to make her a sign to hang outside of an orphanage that she was about to open there.  As I read over many things daily, I tend to skim it first to get an idea of what it will be about, then I go back and try to decipher the details.  Why?  I have no Earthly idea, but that is how I operate.  The first thing I saw in the message was "Africa"..then "Tanzania", and honestly my first thought was "well great..someone has a million dollars that some King of Africa has stashed away for me and all I have to do is give them all of my information".  I doubt I'm the only person that has ever gotten one of those emails that has managed to sneak it's way through the email filter.  I decided I would have to switch gears and head into "Decipher" mode.  As I read the order it was actually really simple.  She was from Texas and gave me the coordinates of the orphanage and said that she thought the children would love for it to hang outside and could I paint the continent of Africa in the middle with a little heart where Tanzania is.  PERFECT!  That is exactly what I did.  I mailed the package out today and I hope that the children in this small Tanzanian orphanage are thrilled by it.  It really showed me several things.  I will try harder in life to go into things with hope for the best in people and situations.  Sometimes things may not go my way, but I will keep on going and know that expecting the worst and hoping for the best doesn't actually prepare you for disappointment, instead it leaves you with nothing to look forward to.

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