Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Divorce of Workspace

It has slowly become apparent that our new workspace that the hubs and I had created and shared for a few weeks now is experiencing irreconcilable differences.   It seems as though with a multitude of orders flowing in, and the saw cutting constantly, the dust in our once happy workspace has now become a place of pain, noise,  and sawdust.  Due to the fact that my fabric, paint, sewing machine and other essential tools that run the show, I am having to file for a workspace divorce and leave the space to head for the higher ground of our bedroom, where things are still happy LOLOL.  Luckily I  can now work in the dust free noise free happy place and we can still work together but separate.  I would venture to say that this makes the hubs a little bit of happy inside now that he will be able to spread out in the garage a bit more.  I hope that everyone is having a spectacular weekend and enjoying this wonderful weather we are having.  I am off to paint and create with the hubs and then off to the park to bask a while

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  1. oK, YOU CRACK ME UP FOR REALS:) LOL. Hope your new space treats you well:)